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Is your check engine light on? Ignoring it might be putting your safety at risk... or worse.... creating more damage to your vehicle

8 years ago Forbes magazine stated that more than 9 million American drivers ignore the check engine light for 3 months or more. Can you imagine what these numbers are now in 2020?? Especially during a Global Pandemic? This can put your safety at risk, and it could be escalating damage being done to your car. The check engine light necessitates a visit to your repair shop!   Period!! A diagnosis is needed to determine what’s causing the light to come on. 1. A Loose, Missing, or Faulty Gas Cap This is a rather common factor that ignites the check engine light – Whew!! This is an easy one... however you still need to get the code cleared if you discover that you either don't have a gas cap anymore, or it was not securely put back on your car. (Being human is so exhausting sometimes... LOL) The gas ... read more

It’s Summertime — Su Su Summertime!!!

I heard on the news that …um…well… It’s Summertime!!! Woo Hoo!! ok sing it with me… Summertime, summertime.. Su Su Summertime.. The good news… the gas prices are expected to remain low. The other good news!! European Motor Cars is ready for you to schedule your appointment to get your AC serviced, new brakes and good overall health of your car ready to go for SUMMER!!! Have fun!.. and Drive Happy! Allison

Huh? Now my water pump?

We see this so often… a customer comes in to have a major routine service done on their car. We replace the belts and other items that are recommended by that car’s manufacture… and then a week later….. “Um Hello – can I speak to a manager? I was just in and spent a lot of money at your shop…. a week later (“the same noise”) started up again”. They set an appointment and then lose faith in us and take it to the dealer. The dealer tells them that the Water Pump is bad. (This could happen to any part that runs off of belts or tensioners, ie: AC compressor, Water pump, Alternator or a Power Steering pump.) First off…. NEVER take your car to another shop right after you get a major service done. Give the shop a chance to see if a part failed or something else went wrong. As soon as you take your car somewhere else… the shop has considered that they have lost you as a customer. Yes, this means that they have alr ... read more

Election 2016

Yes.. this is the year.. the big year..some hate it…some love it. We get to choose a new President to lead our country. We all have our opinions. I can tell you that even here at European Motor Cars #EMCinc we have several differing opinions about the state of our country and who should be elected as president. The key factor here is that we honor each person’s right to have an opinion. We do not judge each other nor do we condemn an opinion that is not our own. We encourage everyone to agree to disagree and keep their ears open as there is always something to learn regardless if it resonates with them personally or not. With this in mind.. we realize that we here at European Motor Cars has to campaign and try to win the election each time you choose to have your car maintained or worked on due to a problem. Like the election, we have our loyal followers, we have a few that don’t like us at all and we have all the “independents” who choose based on what ... read more

Last Minute Useful Gifts

Merry, Happy, Joyful days to everyone! European Motor Cars is celebrating this season with all of you and are grateful to all of our customers for your belief in us and the care we give your car. A great last minute gift is to give a Gift Certificate for any amount at European Motor Cars Inc. We will print it up on letterhead and include a personal note from you and our staff. Call 970-484-0040 and ask for Allison to set this up

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