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It’s Summertime — Su Su Summertime!!!

I heard on the news that …um…well… It’s Summertime!!! Woo Hoo!!  ok sing it with me… Summertime, summertime.. Su Su Summertime.. The good news… the gas prices are expected to remain low. The other good news!! European Motor Cars is ready for you to schedule your appointment to get your AC serviced, new brakes and good overall health of your car ready to go for SUMMER!!! Have fun!.. and Drive Happy! Allison

Huh? Now my water pump?

We see this so often… a customer comes in to have a major routine service done on their car. We replace the belts and other items that are recommended by that car’s manufacture… and then a week later…..

“Um Hello – can I speak to a manager? I was just in and spent a lot of money at your shop…. a week later (“the same noise”) started up again”. They set an appointment and then lose faith in us and take it to the dealer. The dealer tells them that the Water Pump is bad. (This could happen to any part that runs off of belts or tensioners, ie: AC compressor, Water pump, Alternator or a Power Steering pump.)

First off…. NEVER take your car to another shop right after you get a major service done. Give the shop a chance to see if a part failed or something else went wrong. As soon as you take your car somewhere else… the shop has considered that they have lost you as a customer. Yes, this means that they have already lost you and have no reason to bend over backwards to try to keep you. While this seems cruel… this is business. On the other hand, if you keep your appointment and it is a bad part, the shop takes care of it. If it is a new problem they have the opportunity to keep you as a customer. You still have to spend more money, however, it is a win/win for everyone.

Now… the reason the (AC compressor, Water pump, Alternator or a Power Steering pump) is suddenly acting up and making noise.

Now that there are new belts and tensioners in the car… the belts and tensioners are working properly and pulling/tensioning as they should… any part that has been running off of sloppy belts and tensioners has had to work overtime to keep working properly. Suddenly throw in something that is working correctly… and that part ( AC compressor, Water pump, Alternator or a Power Steering pump) can’t keep up. Cars are just big mechanical entities that all work together on the inside. A person can’t expect that when something is now new… that it won’t affect things that are not working at full capacity. (This is the reason there is Physical Therapy for people who have surgical repairs done on a heart, knee, hip etc. – It is not that the new part is bad… you have to get all the parts to work together).. As car owners typical physical therapy after mechanical work is this — put the pedal to the medal and drive like you normally do.

Keep in mind that when you left the shop after that major service all things were working, no noises, the car drove great, and so on…. Within a week to 2 weeks after a car has this type of service is when the weak parts start to reveal themselves. Be patient with your mechanic and your local shop. We work on cars because we have a passion for the way things work. If it is not broken… we can’t fix it…. that does not mean that your car will not need future work. Cars cost money to maintain.

**One more note… When a mechanic inspects your car and/or is working on your car they are constantly scanning for things that are not working properly. It must be said that it is impossible to predict the future of a mechanical part (ie: AC compressor, Water pump, Alternator or a Power Steering pump) just by looking at it. The things that break are within those parts. If they are not making noise, leaking or otherwise showing outward signs of distress, then the life of that part is unpredictable.

Here at European Motor Cars, we encourage all of our customers to maintain regular service. Don’t let parts of your vehicle (engine, tires, body) get worn down….. this WILL cost you money down the road.

Election 2016

Yes.. this is the year.. the big year..some hate it…some love it. We get to choose a new President to lead our country.

We all have our opinions. I can tell you that even here at European Motor Cars #EMCinc we have several differing opinions about the state of our country and who should be elected as president. The key factor here is that we honor each person’s right to have an opinion. We do not judge each other nor do we condemn an opinion that is not our own. We encourage everyone to agree to disagree and keep their ears open as there is always something to learn regardless if it resonates with them personally or not.

With this in mind.. we realize that we here at European Motor Cars has to campaign and try to win the election each time you choose to have your car maintained or worked on due to a problem. Like the election, we have our loyal followers, we have a few that don’t like us at all and we have all the “independents” who choose based on what they feel like at the time of the need.

We want your vote!!! We feel here that we are the best at what we do. We are honest to a fault. Your car means as much to us as it does to you (ok, maybe not as much as you, however a close second). We know that when your car is sick..that illness affects everyone in the family. Our goal is to provide honest, reliable, friendly service done right. A healthy car equals a happy customer.

We love positive and honest reviews. We also love the opportunity that if we fall short of an expectation, that we are given the chance to make it right.

#1. Don’t let this year stress you out!
#2.Keep your car healthy.
Let us take care of #2 which will help out with #1.

Allison Dunning
BOH Manager

Last Minute Useful Gifts

Merry, Happy, Joyful days to everyone! European Motor Cars is celebrating this season with all of you and are grateful to all of our customers for your belief in us and the care we give your car.

A great last minute gift is to give a Gift Certificate for any amount at European Motor Cars Inc. We will print it up on letterhead and include a personal note from you and our staff.

Call 970-484-0040 and ask for Allison to set this up.

Stolen VW Vanagon

My heart is heavy. I guess I live in an enchanted land where people just do the right thing. A Volkswagen Vanagon was stolen last week. — It is not the most beautiful vehicle, it leaks oil and has a list of problems. However, someone decided that they needed this vehicle for some reason. My guess is that is it a homeless, transient person(s). The night it was stolen a woman and her baby came up to our owner and told him her story of how she recently found herself without a home. John gave her $10.00 to feed her child and even said to come back the next day if she needed another $10.00. John would give the shirt off his back to help people. Anyway, while his back was turned and he was helping out another customer, the van was stolen. I suspect it was this woman and her baby and maybe a man who was lurking in the background. I suspect this vehicle is not being driven… It is parked somewhere and this small family is living in the van. I understand… I do… however it is not OK to steal from another person… no way!! No How!! If caught, the woman will be charged with Grand Theft Auto!… She will most likely loose custody of her baby and spend time in jail. I REALLY don’t want this to happen. However, the owner of this vehicle would really like it back, or to work out a deal with the person who wants/needs it so bad. If you hear of, know of, or suspect anything that might lead to the recovery of this Vanagon, European Motor Cars is offering a reward to the person who directly helps us recover it. This is a terrible situation… all of our hearts are heavy because of this. Your help is crucial… Keep your eyes out and look for this vehicle and call the cops when you see one parked in the back yard or a camping spot or a homeless gathering area. The van is not mechanically strong enough for a long distant trip….so I don’t suspect it has journeyed too far. It is cream colored, a little rusty on the bottom. it does have an intact pop top camper top common to the Westy’s.

Mercedes Repair – Fort Collins

Face it.. there are so many choices today. European Motor Cars is one of many places to take your Mercedes Benz if you are in need of repair.

However, I encourage you to ask yourself. “Do I want someone who has been working on Mercedes for only a few years because they think there is money in them?” or “Do I want someone who has built a business around European cars who has special training on Mercedes Benz?”

If your choice is the 2nd option, I encourage you to book an appointment with European Motor Cars – 970-484-0040. The owner of this shop is still actively involved with each customer and with each car that comes into the shop. While you may think this is awesome… (well it is!) we understand that taking care of your car is also taking care of you. Our goal is to keep our customer’s cars on the road and the cars happy and healthy. This in turn creates a stress free experience for our customers when the car is NOT in the shop.

We realize that it is always stressful when your car enters a shop for maintenance and repair. Especially when it is an expensive repair. We do our best to get you back on the road as fast as possible at the best price we can. Is this the best business model for the best profit? No.. however we do this business because it is in our blood. Does our shop need to make a profit off of every car that comes in? Absolutely!! To expect otherwise is not knowing that businesses need to make money to stay in business.

European Motor Cars Inc, has the ability to correctly service and repair your Mercedes Benz with a low pressure approach at the best price possible. However with that being said, we do not provide a band-aid repair service. We fix it RIGHT so it does not break again. If needed, EMC will give you a list of things that are needing to be fixed in the future and a recommended timeline.

Choose wisely. You chose a Mercedes Benz, one of the best cars in the world. Why would you trust your car to anyone else?

Style Magazine

We are thrilled to be nominated for “Best Auto Repair” in Fort Collin’s Style Magazine.

European Motor Cars just celebrated our 20 year anniversary in June 2015. What an amazing journey! What started as a dream 20 years ago has turned into a full blown Auto Repair Shop specializing in European Cars. Top techs in the industry, the latest diagnostic equipment and a fearless leader (John Mitchell) have all been a part of our success.

While we know we are human and mistakes have happened along the way, we have learned from all of our experiences to make our customer’s experience even better.

We would love your vote for European Motor Cars for Best Auto Repair —

Celebrating 20 years!

IMG_0809I remember the days BC (before children) when life was simpler and things seemed less intense. John Mitchell moved out to Fort Collins from South Georgiaand started a little company called European Motor Cars. The shop was over off Link Lane. It is still there..just another company now. Immediately the shop was filled with Mercedes, Audi’s, BMW’s and VW’s needing some tender loving care.

Those were the days… Now, European Motor Cars Inc is a bustling business off Mulberry and Riverside with a Sales Lot and a 9 bay shop. John still manages to talk to most of his customers face to face and oversee and support the A+ rated techs in the back. He often times can be found working on project cars in the back or picking up work when there is too much to do.

We are proud of this “little” shop. It has grown up with the loving care of John and Bob Mitchell. As we look towards the future, we see a lot more years of providing amazing Sales and Service to the people of Northern Colorado.

We wish for everyone safe adventures with your cars. We will be here when you need us.

Here’s to another 20 years!
Allison Dunning
European Motor Cars Inc.

Angies List

Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at

Hello European car enthusiasts and users. Angies list is a great place to see what people are saying about companies you are shopping and spending your money with. We of course would love it if you would write a review about our experience with us as well. Of course we love the positive reviews the best!

Here is the link to our site on Angies List.. to make it easier to access!



Yelp Reviews not recommended–Why not?

As you will see, we have several reviews that Yelp will not recommend. These kind people took time out of their day to write a review and Yelp will not honor it. I am thrilled with the reviews and yet so disappointed with YELP.

5.0 star rating


John has been repairing my cars for over 12 years. I have always received the very best service and would trust John for any repairs and his advice has always been good. I purchased a 2004 s60r 3 years ago from him and has have never regretted it .John has always made time to address my concerns over the phone or if i stop by and he takes a quick drive with me. I will never take any of my cars to any one else. Thank you John for the personal care you have always shown me and my cars.


About 15 months ago, I bought a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 101,000 miles from their sales side and the experience was excellent.   While not necessarily the cheapest, they spent a considerable amount of their time and dollars getting the vehicle in top shape before letting me take it.

On 8/15/14, I picked up the Jeep from service after taking it in for a tune/oil change and to repair the front axle and brakes.   The estimate was $1200 but it ending up being $1050.  They provided a ride home after dropping it off and picked me up when it was ready.  The work was done right and in a reasonable time.  Terry the service writer was particularly friendly and helpful.  I don’t think you do any better!

J. W.

Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

These Guys work on my 911 Porsche and other cars cars not only are they knowledgeable and thorough but speedy. You wouldn’t believe how quickly the owner, John, fixed the cams on my 911. He has also worked on my 1950 MG TD. His crew is very capable and helpful. I have never been sold something I didn’t need.

Gary P.
Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

John and Terry take great care of my Mercedes Benz SL500. They are honest, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the cars they service. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and have recommended them to everyone I know.

Kari S.
Fort Collins, CO
5.0 star rating

I recently took my BMW to European Motor Cars based on a recommendation from a few co-workers. I was blown away by the customer service and quick turn around on an issue with my breaks. I was even more blown away when I got a VERY reasonable bill! I would recommend them to anyone with a European car. Thank you!!!

Laura M.
Loveland, CO
5.0 star rating

I recently took our 2012 Tiguan to European motor cars. Not only were they very professional but courteous as well. My last oil service was done at the local VW dealership and they forgot to reset my service light. European motor cars was more than willing to reset the light free of charge. The Volkswagen dealer wanted $75 to do so! In reading a recent negative review for these guys I couldn’t help but notice that the reviewer had a very large chip on her shoulder. To me it sounds like she wanted to take out her frustration on European since she got screwed by the repair shop she visited.

It’s been my experience that these guys go above and beyond as one would expect a small business owner to do. As stated on over a month ago, I will always take our cars to European.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.. I am sad that your reviews are not listed on Yelp and hope they will be soon!

Audi Repair

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