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Why oil changes?

Oil is the "lifeblood" of your vehicle. Not only does it provide the lubrication that allows the mechanical elements inside your car's engine to move freely, but it also helps with heat dissipation and cleaning. With so many responsibilities, it's no surprise oil changes are the most common vehicle maintenance procedures. 

Despite being so common, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the oil change, including how often you should get one, the different types of oil, and more. Below, we'll clear up some of these confusing topics and help you better understand engine oil and oil changes. 

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?Take advantage of this special from Technet April 1- May 31 2023

At European Motor Cars Inc, we recommend every 5000 miles or 3 months.

Why is this our recommendation?  Well, think about it... We have extreme temperatures, we have fires, we have the brown cloud, we have dirty roads.  As a European Motor Cars Inc customer, we know you have invested in a top quality vehicle, why would you chance the longevity of your motor to old and worn out oil?  Trust us, Oil change services are not where we make a profit.  It is when a car comes in with gummed up parts and the oil looks like a goopy bronze face cream that we make a profit.  


If you are one of our customers, then you know we care about you... and your car.   We don't want you without your vehicle for any longer than necessary. Treat your car like you should treat your body.. Water frequently.. change your oil frequently. Right??!!

You drive the best cars in the world..... We service them!

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