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Summer Travel Season - To drive or not to drive... that is the question.


Summer season has a arrived and I don't know about you, however I am itching to travel and see fun new places.  I personally am a gypsy (traveling over 35,000 miles a year in my normal every day life).  The question I always ask myself is.. do I drive or do I fly?

My brother John always says a few things to me...

1. What car am I driving?  I tend to drive older vehicles (because I put so many miles on them) and they may not be the best option for cross country travel. So consider the vehicle. Is it comfortable to be in for 8 hours a day?  Is it fuel efficient? Do you think it may break down somewhere in the middle of no-where?  If this is a possible scenario -- is this part of the adventure you are willing to have?  I personally have had many, many crazy adventures of tracking down parts in small town USA.  If you are driving your European car... this can be a real challenge as most small shops across the country have very little idea what it takes to diagnose and fix a European Car. 

2. Is the travel meant to be part of the vacation?

I other words.. is the journey the vacation as well as the final destination?  Then obviously... DRIVE!!

I found a fun website that allows you (for entertainment purposes only) to compare driving or flying.

So many reasons to drive:

1. See the road side attractions - the little things are what makes the adventure a memory. 

2. See new cities and towns - so many unique places to see, restaurants to eat at and hotels to stay in.  

3. Once you are at your destination, you already have your own car - some comforts from home are always nice to have on a trip.

So many reasons to fly:

1. You arrive sooner (one day of travel instead of several days of travel).

2. You can rent a car - a different car to drive.. this can be fun.

Either way... have a fun vacation.  I have North Carolina on my docket (flying) and an August or September road trip.

Allison - European Motor Cars Inc (the lil' sister)


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