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Stolen VW Vanagon

My heart is heavy. I guess I live in an enchanted land where people just do the right thing. A Volkswagen Vanagon was stolen last week. — It is not the most beautiful vehicle, it leaks oil and has a list of problems. However, someone decided that they needed this vehicle for some reason. My guess is that is it a homeless, transient person(s). The night it was stolen a woman and her baby came up to our owner and told him her story of how she recently found herself without a home. John gave her $10.00 to feed her child and even said to come back the next day if she needed another $10.00. John would give the shirt off his back to help people. Anyway, while his back was turned and he was helping out another customer, the van was stolen. I suspect it was this woman and her baby and maybe a man who was lurking in the background. I suspect this vehicle is not being driven… It is parked somewhere and this small family is living in the van. I understand… I do… however it is not OK to steal from another person… no way!! No How!! If caught, the woman will be charged with Grand Theft Auto!… She will most likely loose custody of her baby and spend time in jail. I REALLY don’t want this to happen. However, the owner of this vehicle would really like it back, or to work out a deal with the person who wants/needs it so bad. If you hear of, know of, or suspect anything that might lead to the recovery of this Vanagon, European Motor Cars is offering a reward to the person who directly helps us recover it. This is a terrible situation… all of our hearts are heavy because of this. Your help is crucial… Keep your eyes out and look for this vehicle and call the cops when you see one parked in the back yard or a camping spot or a homeless gathering area. The van is not mechanically strong enough for a long distant trip….so I don’t suspect it has journeyed too far. It is cream colored, a little rusty on the bottom. it does have an intact pop top camper top common to the Westy’s.

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