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Is your check engine light on? Ignoring it might be putting your safety at risk... or worse.... creating more damage to your vehicle

8 years ago Forbes magazine stated that more than 9 million American drivers ignore the check engine light for 3 months or more. Can you imagine what these numbers are now in 2020?? Especially during a Global Pandemic? This can put your safety at risk, and it could be escalating damage being done to your car. The check engine light necessitates a visit to your repair shop!   Period!! A diagnosis is needed to determine what’s causing the light to come on.

1. A Loose, Missing, or Faulty Gas Cap

This is a rather common factor that ignites the check engine light – Whew!! This is an easy one... however you still need to get the code cleared if you discover that you either don't have a gas cap anymore, or it was not securely put back on your car. (Being human is so exhausting sometimes... LOL) The gas cap prevents the gasoline from evaporating and also keeps the fuel system under the appropriate pressure. Should the gas cap be broken or missing, replace it immediately at your next service stop.

2. Oxygen Sensor Failure

This component is responsible for monitoring un-burned oxygen. It also monitors how much fuel you have. A faulty oxygen sensor if not attended to immediately could have damaging effects on the car’s catalytic converter. In the case of many European Auto's.. it can do damage to all of your Catalytic Converters... Four... yes that's right, 4 Catalytic Converters.... VERY EXPENSIVE to fix! DON'T let this happen!

3. A Damaged Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter, which is part of your exhaust system, uses a catalyst to convert the more harmful compounds of your engine’s emissions. Typically, a combustion engine emits numerous harmful compounds. In order to protect the environment and prevent you and your family from being exposed to poisonous gases, every vehicle is required to have a catalytic converter in the emissions system.

4. A Malfunctioned Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor

This component is responsible for monitoring the amount of air that gets into the engine. Common symptoms of a MAF failure include reduced gas mileage, trouble starting, an abrupt change in the throttle pedal’s position and possibly stalling. Expect an hour diagnostic cost and the cost, labor to replace of the MAF. There is something you can do to help this sensor last longer.... REPLACE your engine Air Filter. I know it is hard to believe but your repair specialist is NOT just trying to sell you something.... IT MATTERS.

5. Vacuum Leak

Every car has a vacuum system that is responsible for a variety of functions. The brakes, for example, are vacuum operated. Vacuum hoses dry out and crack over time as they are exposed to extreme cold and intense heat. They are made of rubber and other materials which break down over time. Vacuum leaks can and will trigger your check engine light. YES.. there is something you can do..... schedule regular car maintenance visits.

Observing regular car maintenance & servicing schedules cannot be overemphasized. If you are driving a European car... you expect your car to perform in peak condition.... keeping on the servicing schedule will help you avoid costly repairs down the line and keep your car performing at optimum levels.

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