Welcome to our Service Center 
 802 E. Mulberry, Fort Collins, CO 80524

We are known as the EUROPEAN CAR SPECIALIST in Northern Colorado!

This is a full service repair facility capable of diagnosing all European makes and models with the latest diagnostic scanners and computers. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable with factory certifications and training.
**A shuttle car is available for your convenience.

Established in 1995 we have over 25 years of Sales Experience in the European auto industry and over 40 years of Service Experience in the European repair industry.
Family owned and operated – John and Bob Mitchell are co- owners as a Father/Son operated business.

European Motor Cars really cares about our customers and the cars they drive. We will recommend to you what your car needs to perform in a way that you will not have to worry about being on the side of the road.

Piece of mind is our best offer!  When your car is working properly you don’t think about it, however when it is not, it is all consuming…
*Can I get to work?
*Will I be on the side of the road?
*How much will this cost?
Do yourself a favor,  schedule an appointment with Heather today to take care of your car!